Brazil Rainbow ear studs with Swarovski gemstones gold XXL


Two colorful magnet ear studs from our "Rainbow Collection". A variety with colored Swarovski gemstones in spectral colors.
A real artistry of our company's designers. Made by hand. Subtly graduated colors show the colors of the rainbow spectrum. The selection includes synthetic elements analogous to garnet, amethyst, citrine, peridot and blue topaz.
Mixed square as a modified cut.
Warm gold tone, 24k "natural gold" hard gold plated. Ear studs XXL each. approx. 6 x 32mm. Thickness approx. 3.2 mm.
In the ancient Orient, the rainbow was considered a symbol of victory. Even today, the appearance of the rainbow in the sky speaks to people. It is considered a symbol of harmony, wholeness, nature conservation or a sign of the connection between heaven and earth.
The powerful neodymium magnets sit directly on the earlobe.
The beautiful magnetic jewelery stands for lightness, energy and elegance!
Each of our pieces of jewelery is equipped with high-quality and powerful neodymium magnets. Neodym magnet inlay with approx. 1,200 gauss.
Medical grade stainless steel, cadmium, nickel and lead free. Allergy free

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