Our data security principles


·       We try to reduce the amount of collected data to what is necessary for providing our services

·       We communicate internally only via encrypted communication

·       Unsafe communication (like email) is switched to secure communication as quickly as possible

·       All our mobile hard drives are encrypted

·       Unencrypted USB-sticks are used sparingly and only for public data (e.g. presentations).

·       If technically possible, all our mobile devices are encrypted.

·       Anything which cannot be encrypted is locked away and inaccessible to anyone outside of the company.




1) MAGNEGY Distribution GmbH

Shipping, service and order processing for


Authorized representative: Norbert Hoffmann


Obenhauptstr. 7th

D-22335 Hamburg


WhatsApp: 0176 4427 0482

Tel .: +49 (0) 40 226347 128



2)  TRINITIX Ltda.



Numero 551

40.140-130 SALVADOR-Barra

Att. Norbert Hoffmann




Tel .: (71) 3565-3786 / (71) 2137-0618

Email: info> at <





Your data is captured personally by our employees, or provided by you via this portal.


Access and usage


Our employees can access your data via access controlled portal interfaces.


On production environments your data is stored on servers in our control.




On backup systems your data is stored on encrypted hard drives and locked servers. Our employees have no direct access to these storages during regular operation.




In production environments your data is deleted on request.


Your data is automatically deleted if you close your account.




In backup systems your data cannot be deleted due to technical limitations. However only technical personnel of the data processors have access to these backups.


After one year this access is further limited. Only the management of Neurohr Bytes Software e.U. has access on backups aged one year and older.


The management of Neurohr Bytes Software e.U. is obliged to access this data only with the consent of Neurohr Bytes Software e.U.’s Data Protection Officer


Transmission within member states of the European Union and countries with an Adequacy decisions on the basis of article 45 of Regulation (EU) 2016/679

Your data is transmitted for following reasons:




Communication: e.g. letters, emails, telephone


Contract fulfilment: e.g. bank account


Demands from public offices and courts of justice if valid in law: We will comply with demands valid in law.


Transmission to non-member countries

There is no planed transmission of your data to non-member countries or international organisations, with the exception of your personal demands (e.g. contact address in a non-member country).




Information regarding the EU directive 2009/136/EC

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