Copper Bangle Nilay Cu Bio Energy Magnet Bangle


Magnetic Bio-Copper Therapy Bracelet. 98.9% pure copper
Width about 9mm, thickness about 2.6mm, inner diameter about 6.7cm. Weight approx. 32 g, highly polished.
With 2 strong neodymium magnet inlays (approx. 2,200 gauss). Made of high-quality copper.
Nickel allergy-free, polished, anti-allergenic.
Reported effect of copper (CU): Promotes the formation of antibodies in the immune system, growth, development, strengthening of the bones.
Since copper is a relatively soft material, it can be easily adjusted to the wrist.
Slightly elastic, moderately malleable and adjustable by vigorous bending.
Simple elegance. Filigree and stylish.
This high-quality copper bangle expresses French style and joie de vivre.
With this you convince all along the line.
A timeless piece of magnetic jewelery that you can always wear.
The iconic bracelet with its timeless yet modern design can be worn alone or combined every day and for every occasion.
The bangle is easy to put on and is extremely comfortable to wear.
Skin-friendly copper, powerful magnets and the antibacterial effect of the copper make the bracelet so effective.
Copper, a metal worked by humans as early as 10,000 years ago, worn adornment and used as a therapeutic.
Since ancient times, cultures around the world have believed in a beneficial effect on the immune system.
Many people have shared their experiences that copper energy magnetic bracelets can help with a variety of conditions such as fatigue, lethargy, migraines, joint pain, arthritis and other health conditions.

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